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Re-Tales #4: Bring service back


Check out Julie Mullins' profile of Fidelis in Stereophile's Janurary 2021 issue!

"People are buying expensive gear online, often impulsively, because they know they can send it back ... the internet's biggest failures revolve around interfaces—between the room, amplification, and loudspeakers and between the salesperson and the customer. The customers need that service and expertise. They need someone to guide them."

— Walter Swanbon, Fidelis

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music for life

From the heart of New England, through changing times, we’ve kept the flame of great music burning. Six decades on... two channel music systems in a dedicated listening space still reign supreme. Unfolding the musical event in an artfully chosen component system will transport you across time and space. Possibilities widen. Renewal and energy awaken. Fidelis is Music for Life.