January 20th, 2024

Fidelis Audio is pleased to introduce four new brands to our product offerings!

Fidelis Audio is pleased to introduce four new brands to our product offerings!

Avantgarde, Accuphase, Airtight & Borresen now on display at Fidelis Audio

We are always on the lookout for products that offer both great performance and great value. We know that our customers count on us to do diligence in scouring the audio marketplace to find premium products that will compliment our already outstanding stable of hi-fi gear and create renewed interest. To that end, we have added four new brands -

Avantgarde - renowned for their high-efficiency horn-loaded designs. We feel that Avantgarde has a truly unique sound and aesthetic that will appeal to those that value life-like dynamics and low-level detail as well as a 3-dimensional image field where despite their majestic size, the speakers completely disappear! A perfect match with some of our low-powered tubed amplifier option (such as Airtight). A self-powered bass section with active DSP crossover provides excellent bass extension as well as perfect integration to the midrange and high frequency horns.

Accuphase - one of the premium brands of Japanese electronics. Known for their audio-jewelry like appearance as well as a superbly warm, rich and musical sound, Accuphase offers a very comprehensive line of integrated amplifiers, separate amps and preamps as well as source components. We have been pining for this line for many years and when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped at the chance!

Airtight - another super premium brand of Japanese electronics, but this one being tube-based as opposed to solid state. Their single-ended triode, Class-A, 300B offering is simply magic - especially when paired with high-efficiency speakers such as Avantgarde.

Borresen - a premium speaker line from Denmark, the new "X" series offers both incredible performance and value. Most folks that we played these for a. love the sound and b. think the speakers sell for double or more of their actual retail price. Using proprietary ribbon tweeters and an innovative venting system, the X-Series from Borresen is truly a "giant killer" of a speaker!