This is where technology meets art. A loudspeaker that delivers music in a way the invites extended listening and emotion engagement.

 The original and definitive Harbeth loudspeaker delivers the ultimate high-end audio experience in its class. This  The SHL5plus XD gets the very best from the Harbeth-made 200mm RADIAL2™ technology; the most advanced bass/mid driver ever produced. Capable of competing against speakers many times its price, such is the magnificence of its scales, its coherence, its expressiveness, its musical completeness. 

There are music experiences in life so epic that you wish they never end, with the SHL5plus XD you can relive that moment again, and again. 

Pricing is for cherry finish - other finish options available for an additional upcharge.  

  • Transducer system: 3-way vented: 200mm Harbeth RADIAL2™ bass/mid; 25mm ferro-cooled dome tweeter, 20mm dome SuperTweeter

  • Frequency response: 40Hz - 20kHz ±3dB free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response

  • Impedance: 6 ohms, easy to drive

  • Sensitivity: 86dB/1W/1m

  • Amplifier suggestion: Works with a wide range of amplifiers, suggested from 25W/channel.

  • Power handling: 150W program

  • Connectors: Four 4mm gold-plated binding posts for wires or plugs (biwireable)

  • Dimensions: 635 x 322 x 300mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts)

  • Finish: Cherry, tiger ebony, eucalyptus, rosewood.

  • Space needs: Overall response optimized for use away from walls.

  • Stands: Optimally to bring ears level with tweeters: typically 16-20 inches. (Tweeter: 475mm up from cabinet base)

  • Weight: 15.8kg each, unpacked

  • Packing: Single speaker per protective carton

These Super HL5+ were perfect for almost every style and genre of music I listened to, or cared to listen to. The immediacy and intimacy were pure electrostat. The size and impact was clearly dynamic. Very few speakers do both of them well. Just add appropriate levels of power, and you’re all done. Better still, they’ll grow with you — the more you improve the gear feeding them, the more you’ll hear out of them. A gift that keeps on giving. As it was to your parents, so will a pair of Super HL5+ be to you — and to your kids.

Good synergies with Harbeth's Super HL5 Plus XD

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