It made my hi-fi less hi-fi and the musicians more there — with a lower level of editorializing than I've gotten from any previous amp-preamp combination I've reviewed. My new solid-state reference.

Herb Reichert, Stereophile

A smaller stereo Class A amplifier at a lower price, it takes advantage of the lower power requirements to have simpler single-ended circuitry and fewer parts in the signal path. This also allows elimination of degeneration, “that other negative feedback” in all stages.

  • Class  A

  • Type  Stereo

  • Gain (dB)  29/35

  • Volume control (1dB steps)  63dB

  • Remote  yes

  • Inputs  3

  • Outputs  0

  • Power Output /ch (8 ohm)   25 Watts

  • Power Consumption (W)  200

  • Standby Power Consumption (W)  <1

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)  17 x 17.375 x 6

  • Weight (LBS)  49

Every day, the Pass Labs INT-25 sounded like a purer, more austere instrument than the combination of the Pass Labs XA25 amplifier with any of my in-house preamps. Every day, I noticed how the INT-25 offered a less obstructed and more transparent view of what my source components were excavating from my recordings.