A classic design that offers a truly engaging performance at a real world price point. Combining first rate sound quality and an elegant design the Encore is a perfect fit. It delivers a lifelike performance with superb transparency. It’s inherent musicality and smooth tonal balance guarantees many years of listening pleasure.


  • 50 mm thick Ultra MDF core provides a resonance free base (plinth) for all the other supporting components
  • Ultra precise CNC machining and superior material choices enables us to achieve the tight tolerances needed for a quiet and musical presentation
  • High precision Bronze bearing for ultra smooth rotation and significantly less friction than the industry standard brass bearings Click here for details
  • Ruby Ball Bearing provides a significantly quieter background to the Industry standard stainless steel balls Click here for details
  • Two Belt Stainless Steel Pulley working in conjunction with the large sub platter ensures precise speed stability
  • Our Sub platters are made from Aircraft grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel and are machined to extremely tight tolerances Click here for details
  • Our 36 mm Delrin Platter produces a very organic sound with a highly detailed yet well balanced frequency response. This extra thickness provides improved speed stability and an even quieter background from which the music springs to life. Click here for details
  • Custom designed 12 Volt AC Synchronous Motor provides quiet, stable and vibration free power to the sub platter. Our custom modifications completely eliminates any clogging in the motor.
  • The superb MAESTRO speed controller is standard. It comes with a separate Linear power supply Click here for details
  • SS-1 Record Weight comes standard on this model. A heavy weight solution that prevents slippage and flattens records. Provides a nice balanced frequency response and a tighter bottom end Click here for details
  • Standard Finish : Semi Gloss Santos Rosewood and Dark Walnut
  • Premium Finish : High Gloss Quilted Maple and Piano Black

17" wide x 14" deep x 6.5" average height 

26 lbs.