How this pans out sonically is a loudspeaker that delivers outstanding stereo imaging, excellent detail and surprisingly deep bass. But more importantly, it does all these things with a sense of natural drive and energy.

Alan Sircom, The Absolute Sound

Olympica I represents a breakthrough in the resonance spectrum control and natural sound reproduction thanks to the triple curvature of the cabinet profile, the progressive thickness of internal walls and to the overall structure rigidity.Innovation for us means to know how to make the speakers disappear in the environment, with an elegant and graceful style. Sonus faber Olympica I lets the Music be the unique protagonist, enhancing the sound in all its details and power.

  • SYSTEM : 2 way, full para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex”, stand mount loudspeaker system.
  • LOUDSPEAKERS : Tw: H28 XTR3, Neodymium “cup design” motor system with DAD™, Ø 28 mm
  • Mw: MW15 XTR2-04, CCAW wire on a “eddy current free” voice coil, Ø 150 mm
  • CROSSOVER : 2.500 Hz
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE : 45 Hz – 35.000 Hz
  • SENSITIVITY : 87 dB SPL (2.83V/1 m)
  • SUGGESTED AMPLIFIER POWER OUTPUT : 35 W – 250 W, without clipping
  • DIMENSIONS (HXWXD) : 355 (1078 stand included) x 199,5 (282 stand included) x 395 mm
  • 14 (42.4 stand included) x 7.8 (11.1 stand included) x 15.5 in
  • WEIGHT :10,5 kg - net weight (17,1 Kg stand included)
  • 23.1 - net weight (37.6 lb stand included)

If I had to sum up the Olympica I sound in a single word, it would be ‘exquisite’. The Olympica makes the right balance between the rose-tinted sound of old and the requirements for a more accurate and clean loudspeaker today.