2021 marks the 30th anniversary of our company – and we are still doing the same thing we did at the very beginning: we manufacture horn loud‐ speakers - only better and better. We started producing our first DUO model in 1991. Through continuous development and our quest for perfect sound and the perfect musical experi‐ ence, each generation of the UNO design has pushed the boundaries of performance. The G3 Series is absolutely unique in its combina‐ tion of innovative technologies. Driver systems which have been meticulously perfectionated during the past 30 years and have been brought to an outstanding level of perfection. Combined with a totally controlled probagation of the sound waves from the membranes to the listener. Drivers and spherical horn resulting in specification of 107dB at 18 Ohms. Absolutely amazing. And all this is complemented with our ground‐ braking ITRON technology. A technology which does not simply amplify an electrical signal, but which directly controls the acceleration of the membranes. The G3 Series is a state-of-the-art R&D project based on a deep understanding of the acoustical principles, electro-physical regularities and elabo‐ rate German engineering. To make air molecules vibrate so that we can hear music, that´s what the G3 Series does better than anything else. It introduces groundbreaking new technology; it refines and elevates aesthetic design; it achieves an almost perfect balance between form and function. Built by experts – built for a lifetime and beyond

Frequency range satellite: 170-28.000 Hz

Frequency range Subwoofer: 18-350 Hz

Power handling: 100 Watt

Efficiency: (1Watt/1m)> 107 dB

Crossover frequencies: 170/3.500 Hz

Nominal impedance: 18 Ohm

Recommended amplifier power: > 10 Watt

Recommended room size: > 20 qm

Coplanar driver alignment: Yes

OmegaDrive: Yes

AirGate: Yes

NatureCap incl. PolarizationPlus circuitry: Yes

Dimensions width: 670 mm

Dimensions depth: 696 mm

Dimensions height: (+/- 15 mm)1.732 mm

Weight: 108.5 kg

Not available for online purchase. But come in and check it out!