Explosive dynamic capability ... with the ability to stop, right now. It’s free, projected energy without being loose. Controlled without squeezing the hell out of the signal. Fun. Real.

Allan Moulton, The Absolute Sound

With the Alumine THREE, STENHEIM has distilled the exceptional quality of its world-renowned Alumine FIVE speaker into a compact housing, creating an even more accessible music experience for audiophiles and music lovers. Made in Switzerland, the new Alumine THREE speaker is the product of many years of research and unparalleled knowledge of audiophile technology. Pricing is for standard finishes - light or dark grey. Optional finishes are available at additional expense. 

  • 3-way vertical speaker with 4 high efficiency transducers
  • Frequency response : 32 to 35 kHz
  • Power handling : 150 W RMS, 300 W peak
  • Recommended amplifier from 10W to 200W
  • Sensivity : 93 dB, half space
  • SPL max : 109 dB
  • Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms (minimum 6 Ohms)
  • Power handling : 150 W RMS, 300 W peak
  • Dimensions : H 1050mm x W 250mm x D 330 mm
  • Weight : approx. 70 kg (including adjustable feet)
  • 2 x 8-inch woofers, 1 x 5 1⁄4-inch neodymium medium drivers, 1 x neodymium tweeter
  • Warranty : 5 years

The Three is a compact, exceptionally built, and easy to drive loudspeaker that fits into real rooms, with the heart of a large horn system and touches of electrostatic transparency thrown in for good measure. At, or near the top of finest compact loudspeakers available today, and one that joins the small club of products I’d recommend going out of your way to experience.

Good synergies with Stenheim's Alumine Three

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