As impressive as these speakers are sonically and as accomplished as they are musically, the most impressive thing about them is that a product from a company that is so young can compete head on with some of the best, most capable and most refined designs on the market.

Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat

Made exclusively in Switzerland, our new full aluminum floor standing Alumine FIVE speaker combines unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound and musical immersion. Technical developments have been inspired by our REFERENCE line (same midrange driver and tweeter) and extreme high efficiency allows pairing with the finest quality low powered amplifiers. Pricing is for standard finishes - light or dark grey. Optional finishes are available at additional expense. 

  • 3way floorstanding speakers with 4 high efficiency transducers
  • 2x 10 inches woofers, 1x 6.5 inches neodymium medium drivers, 1 x neodymium tweeter
  • Massive aluminum cabinet with 4 independent chambers, 2 closed (medium & tweeter) and 2 with laminated front ports
  • Passive 3ways crossover, using audiophile high grade components
  • Bi-wiring with WBT Nextgen pole terminals
  • Frequency response : 28Hz to 35kHz
  • Sensitivity : 94dB, half space
  • Power handling : 200W RMS, 400W peak
  • Nominal impedance : 8 ohms (minimum 3 ohms)
  • Special Edition SE, with ultimate components (crossover, internal wiring and connectors)
  • Signature by JC Gaberel, with external crossover, front leather baffle, massive aluminium platform, dedicated internal wiring and special tuning for each speaker.
  • Dimensions : H1200mm x W280mm x D380 mm
  • Weight : 100Kg (including adjustable spikes), 130 kg for Signature version
  • Warranty : 5years

What the Alumine Five represents is a potent blend of weight, dynamic impact, tonal and rhythmic subtlety, in a beautifully executed and integrated package. For listeners who value the sense and feeling of sharing space with real, breathing musicians, that’s an awful lot of performance from an apparently simple-looking box, a box that’s easy to work with and easy to match. If I were looking at speakers in this price range, the Alumine Five would absolutely demand my attention.

Good synergies with Stenheim's Alumine Five

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