The SPL DIRECTOR MK2 is a sonic powerhouse that combines musicality with a modern/retro design; a state-of-the-art DAC with cool-looking VU meters. Though I can’t claim VOLTAiR technology is the secret sauce, it certainly did not hinder the music from sounding its very best.

Secrets of Home Theater and Hi-Fidelity

The central unit of the HiFi system is the preamplifier. With remote source selection and volume control, tape monitor path, retro-look-VU-meters, premium DA-converter and the all superior VOLTAiR technology, the Director Mk2 caters for musical blockbusters.

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The tonal balance was convincing and conveyed a gripping listening experience, characterized by many details in the voice and again and again surprising fine dynamics. 

Good synergies with SPL's Director MkII

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