A true high-performance, high-end, affordable digital product that meets current and future needs. The MOON 260D CD transport with optional 32-bit DAC is the next evolutionary step in combining high-performance, useful features, CD playback and music streaming all into one chassis.
  • Proprietary CD drive system mounted on our M-Quattro gel-based 4-point floating suspension for vibration damping, allowing ambient and spatial cues in your recordings to come to life like never before.
  • Two (2) digital outputs – S/PDIF and AES/EBU.
  • True 32-bit asynchronous Digital-to-Analog converter.
  • 4 digital inputs (S/PDIF x 2, TosLink x 1 and USB x 1) allowing for a connection to virtually any digital source.
  • USB input with galvanic isolation.
  • Frequency response (full range)2Hz - 100kHz +0/-3dB
  • THD @ 1kHz, 0dBFS (A-weighted)0.005%
  • Intermodulation distortion0.005%
  • Dynamic Range120dB
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio120dB @ full output
  • Channel Separation116dB
  • Intrinsic Jitter1 picosecond RMS
  • Analog Output @ 0dBFS2.0 V
  • Analog output impedance75Ω
  • PCM Bit-depth range16 - 24 bits
  • PCM sampling frequency rates44.1 - 192kHz
  • Shipping weight16 lb / 7.5 kg
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth)16.9 x 3.4 x 13.1 in
  • 42.9 x 8.6 x 33.3 cm

Simaudio's Moon Neo 260D is very impressive in its performance, particularly in the areas of timbres/tonality, accurate soundstaging, and punchy powerful dynamics and bass extension. It is a good-looking piece of equipment that was enjoyable to use and is built to give its owner trouble-free use for a long time. If you still spin CDs, it provides a high-level transport for your collection, along with the ability to be driven by your computer or streamer. If you are looking for a DAC or CD player in this price range, I highly recommend you listen to the Moon Neo 260D before you purchase your next piece of equipment.

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