Listed: September 2nd, 2023

ASR Audio Emitter 1 Exclusive

Original Retail Price: $18,000.00

Your Price: $8,995.00

ASR Audio Emitter 1 Exclusive. Unit is in excellent physical and functional condition with original boxes, packing and accessories. Unit is 14 months old and has seen very limited usage (roughly 20 hours). This unit is wired for the optional line-stage battery power supply, but that option is not included. Unit sold as new for $18,000.00

  • ASR Emitter I Exclusive solid-state integrated power amplifier, 2x 290 W / 4 Ohm, prepared for battery 

  • Separate PSU with Philbert exotic-core transformer 

  • ASR Magic-Cord power cable 150 cm.

  • Corian remote 

  • Split supply for 6 voltages of both channels, 606.440 µF capacity HV = higher voltage 80 V Elkos on double layer boards for the output stage

  • 3x input standard RCA, 1x input WBT CU RCA, 1x balanced (XLR), 1x direct-input, 1x tape out Elma-Switches

  • Adjustable pre-output for subwoofer

  • 8 mm silver ground cable, active power parts built in PSU 2 cables from main unit to PSU: each 250 cm

  • 4 pcs. massive metal feet

  • Optional white display

  • Silver wiring

  • WBT Connectors

Original Accessories:

  • Box, Packing, Manual, Accessories