Acora Acoustics

Hear The Truth

From the manufacturer:

Philosophy & Design

At Acora Acoustics, our goal is simple: Engineer speakers that bring your music to life. Our loudspeakers are crafted to let pure sound take the stage, directly connecting you to the heart of your music with all its natural colors, just as the artist created it. True, unadulterated sound. Audiophiles often tell us, “It sounds like live music, not a reproduction!” With our speakers, you don’t just listen to music. You experience it.

How do we do it?

We’re perfectionists. At Acora, we use only the finest drivers, crossover components, wiring, binding posts, dampening materials, and screws. Each and every component is hand-picked and screened for quality, first through meticulous measurement, and then by thousands of hours of extensive listening. The integration between all parts must be seamless with musical synergy and transparency. We’re music lovers too. We know that when it comes to audio performance, nothing short of perfection will do.