Moreover, cleaning records immediately before playing became a delightful, serene experience filled with anticipation of how great the newly cleaned vinyl might sound
Rick Becker - Enjoy the Music

The re­cord clea­ning ma­chi­ne "Nes­sie Vi­nyl­clea­ner PRO" is ba­sed on the mo­del "Nes­sie Vi­nyl­clea­ner". In the heart, howe­ver, beats much of the tech­ni­que of the big bro­ther, the "Nes­sie Vi­nyl­mas­ter". 

Type: Vinyl LP record washer / cleaner
Speed turntable 30 rpm.
Tank capacity suction 450 ml
Massive glossy plate weight with label protection seal
Three pieces of anti-static mats for 12", 10", and 7" records
Extraction arm for 12", 10", and 7" records
Brush arm with easy swivel feature
Operating Instructions (English)
Included: Power cord, microfiber cloth, records brush, and a funnel
Dimensions: 300 x 330 x 250mm (DxWxH) 
Weight: 14.4 lbs

And wow, is that suction feature quiet! To give you an idea of how quiet the Nessie is, I had to walk the length of my listening room, down a hall and turn a corner into the middle of my home office, a distance of more than 60 feet (20m) before the VPI 16 measured as quiet as the Nessie. My wife was equally impressed when she heard the Nessie in action. The words in the cartoon bubble above her head read: "Buy this!