I would go so far as to say that Jr. exceeds Sr. (and other turntables I’ve heard) in certain key areas, including, most especially, noise floor, dynamics, and resolution.
Jonathon Valin (The Absolute Sound)

Thanks to its design, which allows adding up to four tone arms the INVICTUS jr. gives you maximum flexibility. The INVICTUS jr. ground base consists of an elaborately milled bottom part, optimized according to the latest scientific on mechanics and using the finite elements method for stiffness and low vibration, covered by a perfectly milled top plate on which the INVICTUS jr. chassis is mounted.


  • 526 mm x 261 mm x 526 mm / 20,7” x 8,5” x 20,7”


  • 94 kg / 207.2 lbs

Drive System

  • 4 integrated DC-Motors, subplatter technology; fine adjustment of speed possible

Speed range

  • 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM

Power adapter

  • Internal AC to DC power adapter (in Digital Motor Control DMC2+)
  • Input: 100 V to 260 V AC 50Hz
  • Optional: DC-Input 24 V via XLR 5 pin-connector


  • High precision Tidorfolon-bearing

Chassis (including baseplate)

  • 526 mm x 168 mm x 526 mm / 20,7” x 7,8”x 20,7”
  • Aluminium
  • 3 height adjustable feet (in baseplate)


  • Platter in sandwich construction aluminium-brass-aluminum
  • with silencer technology
  • Ø 335 mm x 50 mm / Ø 13,2” x 1,97”
  • weight: 19 kg / 41.9 lb

Tone arm base

  • Designed to fit to customer's tone arm

 ... a remarkable piece of audio gear: It not only provides markedly higher amounts of information; it also does so with a neutrality—an absence of timbral and temporal overemphasis, coloration, or distortion I attribute to its more effective CLD damping and resonance control—that permits the ear/mind to perceive, collectively, the constituent sonic “parts” of exceptionally well-recorded LPs as lifelike wholes, to “mistake” (at least briefly) recorded for real.

Good synergies with Acoustic Signature's Invictus Jr.

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