The Diva II SP comes into its own with more complex music by furnishing more detail in all three dimensions.

Tone Audio

 Whilst Diva II sets the bar undoubtedly high, the Diva II SP edition reveals a genuine insight into the performance standards of high-end audio. Approaching the illustrious Volvere model in absolute terms, this is no mere cosmetic makeover.

Control and precision in reproduction are of the very highest caliber; a benefit derived directly from the engineering effort applied to each and every turntable.

A machined aluminium platter is the first and most obvious step-up; the vibration absorbing properties working symbiotically with the chassis. Combined with our unique, low-density, self-lubricating bearing system, torsional vibration is all but eliminated.

Precision control of turntable speed is achieved with our Digital Signal processing engine. Variations in the mains supplies are ironed out to create a pure and abundant supply of power to the motor. This can be precisely and easily calibrated to achieve perfect platter speeds.

Motor noise, vibration and control are all improved with the twin belt drive controlling platter dynamics and stability under load. The result? A smooth, yet dynamic sound quality, improved bass and treble definition.

Owners of the original Diva II model are welcome to upgrade their system with these additional refinements.  


Drive: Twin Belt drive

Speeds: 33.3 and 45.0 RPM (Adjustable)

Platter mass: 6.3 Kg

Bearing: Inverted stainless steel

Thrust point: Tungsten carbide/Sapphire

Suspension: Triple layer 3 point elastomer

Tonearms: Std. cut for SME (adapters to order)

Motor: 24v 12mNm ac synchronous

Power supply: Separate DSP Vari-Speed control unit

Voltage input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 20 watts max. (depending on region)

Dimensions: Turntable (overall) 450mm x 390mm x 140mm (WxDxH): Turntable (footprint) 380mm x 340mm (WxD): P.S.U. 158mm x 283mm x 60mm (WxDxH)

Net weight: 12.8Kg (28lb) ex. PSU

Packaging: 580mm x 440mm x 320mm (WxDxH)

Shipping weight: 18.5Kg (41lb)

The Diva II SP comes into its own with more complex music by furnishing more detail in all three dimensions. Santana’s self-titled debut showcases pinpoint imaging, with drums and percussion retaining distinct places within the studio-created sound-field. The Diva II does an excellent job decoding spatial cues and placement, and finite characteristics remain closely within the speaker boundaries. The II SP brings Santana’s guitar playing out in front of the imaginary boundary between the speakers, and the smallest percussion bits are more distinct and focused.