"While this might not be a musically important bit of information, it is still an astounding one. To hear—for the first time—that the microphones picked up enough of this very-low-level “locational” information to realistically alter the way the instrument images in acoustic space is kind of amazing. And the Bozay is scarcely the only recording that the Ascona does this nifty little "locational" trick with." (Note that it is not just "locating" the instrument; it's locating the mikes.) What this suggests to me is that the ’table may be so low in noise (so resonance-free) and so stable in rotation that it is allowing the tonearm/cartridge to pick up unbelievably low-level information that is simply buried beneath the noise floors of other tables
by Jonathan Valin (The Absolute Sound)

Our goal was achieved when we set out to design a new milestone in turntable performance, aiming for an ultimate high mass turntable, but still elegant and stylish.

The ASCONA represents the full realization of that goal, a pinnacle of achievement and outcome of our 21 year in-house research, design and ultraprecision machining expertise. The ASCONA story starts from the top down with the record platter; we know that the perfect turntable requires a resonant free platter rotating with perfect stability.

Here are some of the many technical features and sections we machine that make the ASCONA such an outstanding design. The chassis is milled out from a 75 mm thick block of aluminum and forms the integrated turntable ground plate. Combined with the new platter the ASCONA has a weight of 80 kg. We grind the surface by hand, a lengthy but essential process to achieve a stunning surface perfection with a visual presentation to match.

The ASCONA employs a unique resonance control technology called Silencer. 24 large Silencers are used for the main body of the platter and 30 small Silencers on the very outer diameter of the platter, requiring a platter diameter of nearly 13.8 inches to accomplish this. The heart of the new ASCONA marries our very substantial aluminum plinth measuring more than 75 mm with a 50 mm thick massive aluminum platter with a total weight of nearly 21 kg.

These components are matched to our unique Tidorfolon-bearing, resulting in a perfect symphony of design and execution. This is further complimented with a new fully designed digital motor system which provides flawless speed stability and easy user interface. Standard is our integrated 3-motor system to drive the ASCONA.


481 mm** x 201 mm x 493 mm / 18,9” x 7,9” x 19,4”
** depending on position of arm base


70 kg / 154 lbs

Drive System

3 integrated DC-Motors, subplatter technology fine adjustment of speed possible

Speed range

33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM

Power adapter

Internal AC to DC power adaptor (in Digital Motor Control DMC2+)
Input: 100 V to 260 V AC 50Hz, Optional: DC-Input 24 V via XLR 5 pin-connector


High precision Tidorfolon-bearing

Chassis (including baseplate)

479 mm x 160 mm x 493 mm / 18,8” x 6,3” x 19,4” , Aluminum, 3 height adjustable feet


Standard: platter with silencer technology, Ø 335 mm x 50 mm / Ø 13,2” x 1,97”, weight: 13 kg / 28.7 lbs
Optional: platter in sandwich construction aluminum-brass-aluminum, with silencer technology, Ø 335 mm x 50 mm / Ø 13,2” x 1,97”, weight: 19 kg / 41.9 lbs

Tone arm base

Adjustable armbase with changeable armboard for a large number of tonearms

While it is true that you hear “new” things you haven’t heard before with any worthy new component, simply because of differences in timbral balance, pitch resolution, dynamic accent, and the handling of durations, the Ascona has revealed an entirely new “class” of very-low-level “things” that have previously gone unheard. Let’s call it, for the time being, locational information, although it actually has to do with the way miking in combination with instrumental radiation patterns and performance styles affects the imaging (the perceived size, shape, and locus) of an instrument.

Good synergies with Acoustic Signature's Ascona

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