Tonearm TA 7000

With the experience made and the knowledge gained in designing the TA-9000 we use this knowledge for the TA-7000 also. The ball bearing for horizontal and vertical movement sourced from the US bearing specialist Timken. Timken, in fact, manufactures the ultra-precise bearings for astronautics. We select ours one by one. Of what is delivered, only the best will make it into the TA-7000. These bearings are then meticulously adjusted and incorporated always from the same experienced craftsman. We provide both bearings with a little bit of prestress that eliminates clearance and nevertheless maintains extremely low friction. The internal cabling consists of a continuous pure silver cable that leads from the pickup pins to the 5 pin connecter positioned in the arm shaft. The counter weight is manufactured in brass. The TA-7000 is available in 9 and 12 inch length. The TA-7000 is designed to be a medium heavy tonearm to suit most of the cartridges available on the market.

  • Effective length: 9 inch 237 mm
  • Mounting Distance: 9 inch 222 mm
  • Effective Mass: 9 Zoll: 10,2 gr.
  • Mounting holes: Rega Style- SME as a option
  • Weight: 680 gr
  • Length: 9 Inch 252 mm
  • Cartridge Range: from 4 g – 16.0 g
  • Zero Points: 61.0mm 121.0mm
  • Signal Cable: Copper
  • Overhang: 15

Good synergies with Acoustic Signature's TA-7000