"Profound and Sustainable Bass, Natural Mids, and Smooth, Clear Heights"
Audio Advisor

Let’s take it from the top
At the head of the table is the all-new Cerotar 28mm precision-coated soft-dome tweeter. And it’s one of our most sophisticated yet.

Our engineers plundered some of our most celebrated technologies – including ingenious airflow systems from the award-winning Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter, the precision coating found on the Contour range and the Hexis from the new Confidence series (more on that in a bit) – and combined them into a new design specifically for the Evoke family.

The Cerotar is driven by a newly-designed strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnet system, and features the Confidence’s headline-grabbing Hexis inner dome. This ingenious little dimpled device sits right behind the soft tweeter diaphragm and reduces unwanted resonances while smoothing out the overall frequency response. The result is sweeter treble, better detail and even more clarity – and that means you can listen into the wee hours of the morning without fatigue.

The low-down on woofers
Evoke 30’s twin 14cm Esotec+ mid/bass drivers are made from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer), a material we’ve been using for our woofer diaphragms since Dynaudio started back in 1977. It provides exactly the right combination of lightness, stiffness and damping to balance the needs of powerful yet precise bass performance with clear, detailed midrange.

Each speaker cone is made from a single piece of MSP. This makes them exactly the right amount of rigid – and means far less physical distortion when they’re playing. It also gives a super-solid physical connection to the glass-fibre voice-coil former on the back (it’s glued directly under the Balance Ribs you’ll see around the centre), which means more of the coil’s motion energy is transferred to the diaphragm.

Evoke 30's 52mm voice-coils are made from aluminium – which provides the correct mix of weight and winding height to balance bass and midrange frequencies. It gives optimum moving mass while retaining the right grip of midrange performance for a perfectly integrated performance.

Nomex spiders keep everything centred and moving the way it should, while the new Contour-derived surround allows a longer throw ratio for greater punch. And, like the Cerotar tweeter, Evoke 30’s woofers are both driven by ceramic Ferrite+ magnets for greater control, finesse and powe

Sensitivity:88dB (2.83V/1m)

IEC power handling:200W

Impedance:4 Ω

Frequency response (±3dB):40Hz–23kHz

Box principle:Bass reflex rear ported


Crossover frequency:1200/2300Hz

Crossover topology:2nd order

Woofer:2x14cm MSP cone

Tweeter:28mm Cerotar with Hexis


Dimensions (W x H x D):180x900x267mm7.1x35.4x10.5in

Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D):268x920x342mm10.6x36.2x13.5in

Clear Message

At a time when whoever is loudest gets the most attention, Dynaudio rarely had problems making itself and its products heard. However, instead of noise, the brand relies on intelligence and depth of development. During the more than forty years that the loudspeaker specialist has existed in Skanderborg, Denmark, most hi-fi enthusiasts will have come to realize that here it is all about what lies underneath the surface.