You’d be committing a crime against your love of music if you were to neglect auditioning this most extraordinary, nay, glorious loudspeaker creation.
SoundStage! Australia's Edgar Kramer

We don’t think a speaker’s size should dictate how good it sounds… so we don’t let it

The compact Confidence 20 takes the performance, the passion and the power of the range’s larger speakers, and puts it on a stand.

We’ve spent years looking at how we could improve on the previous range of Confidence speakers. And, after almost countless hours in design labs, our state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring facility, modelling and simulation suites – and, of course, listening rooms – we’ve done it.

Like the rest of the range, the Confidence 20 features the all-new 28mm Esotar3 soft-dome tweeter, plus a new 18cm NeoTec MSP woofer and an innovative down-firing bass port. Its drivers feature cutting-edge developments in airflow technology (including a much larger rear chamber and optimised venting in the tweeter, plus the new resonance-stabilising Hexis inner dome); simulation-derived diaphragm thickness; super-powerful neodymium magnets; and the new Compex front baffle.

The new 28mm Esotar3 soft-dome tweeter takes over 40 years of Dynaudio expertise, plus plenty of new learnings from the award-winning Esotar Forty unit – and rolls it all into the finest tweeter we’ve ever created. A powerful neodymium magnet system, innovations in airflow routing, the new resonance-busting Hexis inner dome… it all combines to increase detail, clarity and sensitivity.

  • Sensitivity:87dB (2.83V / 1m)
  • IEC power handling:250W
  • Impedance:6 Ω (Minimum 5 Ω @ 155Hz)
  • Frequency response (± 3 dB):42Hz–22kHz
  • Box Principle:Bass reflex down-firing port
  • Crossover:2 way
  • Crossover frequency:2325Hz
  • Crossover topology:2nd orderWoofer:18cm MSP
  • Midrange:-Tweeter:28 mm Esotar3
  • Weight:15.2 kg/33.5 lbs
  • Weight including stand:27 kg/59.6 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):223 x 520 x 414 mm 8 25/32 x 20 15/32 x 16 19/64 Inches
  • Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D):223 x 520 x 444 mm 8 25/32 x 20 15/32 x 17 31/64 Inches
  • Dimensions including stand:368 x 1134 x 458 mm 14 1/2 x 44 5/8 x 18 inches

"This tweeter began to reveal itself as an extraordinary driver (while making notes, I wrote the words “sweet, sweet, sweet” in emphasis). Yes, Esotar3 tweeter is something quite special. And delightful actually as demonstrated by any cymbal or bell work on percussive instrument compositions. And wait ‘til you hear a well-captured rim shot… snappy and real as…"

"The C20s were timbrel wonders, their tonal capabilities being among the best I’ve heard. The complexities of all manner of acoustic instrument, from the extended harmonics of strings, to the ‘blattiness’ and transient speed of brass, to the span and power of percussion and then on to the humanity of the voice… wow!"