"They nail the musical fundamentals better than some speakers I’ve heard that cost 20 times as much."

Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio

The Model 1Ci is living proof that designing and building a great entry-level speaker doesn't require as much ingenuity and skill as a cost-no-object flagship- it requires even more! The Model 1Ci is a time- and phase-correct speaker constructed in such a way that the alignment and positioning of the drivers allow a point-source wave front and maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position. Dimensional Purity in a shockingly affordable full-range speaker.  

Model 1Ci Specifications


1” Exclusive Dual-Chamber, Transmission-Line Loaded, Ceramic-Coated Alloy Dome with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling


8” Mineral-Filled Polycone with Die-Cast Basket, 1.5” Dual-Layer Voice Coil with Ventilated Aluminum Former, 40 oz. Focused-Gap Magnet Structure



Recommended Amplification

20-100 Watts Into 8 Ohms

Frequency Response

38Hz – 22.5kHz +/- 3dB


90 dB, 1 meter with 2.83 volt input


6.8 ohms +/- 2 ohms


First order/6dB per octave, 2.8kHz

Input Terminals

Barrier strips, 7/16" max width

Dimensions (WHD)

12” x 36” x 10”


44 lbs. Net

Country of Manufacture

Made in the USA

We are very pleased to award the Vandersteen 1Ci one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2014. These speakers are so enjoyable that, if your high-end journey stopped right here, you’d be a pretty happy human being. Even if you are a highly experienced audiophile and you haven’t heard these, you owe it to yourself to check them out. I guarantee you’ll be very surprised for the better. They redefine what is possible for a modest price.   

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