Each phono stage is a logical sonic progression on from the preceding one and a few of our retailers who stock the entire range can demonstrate the improvements. Only you can decide if the degree of improvement is worth the increase in price. To help facilitate this, some of my retailers offer generous and guaranteed trade-in values as you move up from one new LFD phono stage to another. It’s a good idea to ask. Also some of my retailers offer very competitive trade-ins on discontinued LFD phono stages such as my MMO against my latest ones. Again it’s a good idea to ask.

The Phonostage LE can be configured to provide appropriate gain for moving-magnet (39dB) or moving-coil (53dB) cartridges. Phonostages are sent into the world configured for 53dB, but 39dB can be selected by opening the chassis and removing, with desoldering braid or such, a pair of solder links at the rear-center portion of the PCB.

It turns out that LFD has been around for nearly a decade: surprising news, given their low profile, itself a function of the company’s insistence on constructing their products bench style, one at a time. Indeed, though their amps and preamps use printed circuit boards, LFD is that rare maker of solid-state electronics that acknowledges and, where possible, exploits the superiority of point-to-point wiring.  

Good synergies with LFD's Phono Stage LE