And in the end, all you’ll really care about is how much L-O-U-D-E-R you can make it and how much more visceral it can feel. The KC Vibe shows here that it will get out of the way and let you really hear and feel your music.

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

A basic turntable produces a low level signal. It must be amplified and equalized before going to a line level input (sometimes labeled AUX) of a preamplifier or receiver.

That is exactly what the KC VIBE will do for you. The small signal from your turntable goes to the IN jacks. The larger, amplifier signal leaves the OUT jacks and goes to your line level preamplifier.

There is also, generally, a grounding wire coming from the turntable. It connects to the ground screw on the back of the KC VIBE.

  • Gain Settings: 40, 45, 50, 55 or 60dB
  • Size: 11” wide 9” deep 2” high
  • Loading: 100, 200, 475, 1k or 47k Ohms
  • Weight: Net 6lbs 
  • Power Requirements: 86 to 260 volts AC, 2 Watts Universal, no adjustment required

I came into this review thinking there was no way I could ever own a lesser phono stage than the 20/20. I was wrong. I really don’t want to let the KC Vibe go. Sure, it is not the 20/20’s equal, but at less than half the price, how could it be? It’s one of those components that is superb at communicating all aspects of music and it does so with great nuance that becomes easy to appreciate. The thing that gets me is that, like the 20/20, it strikes this wonderful balance between relaxation and excitement that is immensely satisfying. Cue applause.