There comes a tipping point of accumulated knowledge that insists upon a new product. Insight gained from the design of preceding phono preamps opened up a new possibility. The Insight can be viewed (and appreciated) from many angles. My favorite is ‘pride of ownership’. Although not expensive by high end standards, the Insight is a combination of solid, thoughtful engineering ‚Äì with an artisanal attention to every design decision. Every detail matters; good enough is NOT good enough. All the areas of performance, aesthetics, reliability, circuit design, circuit board layout, parts selection, packaging – ALL of those aspects must seamlessly dovetail into one expression. For those with a taste for understated elegance, the Insight will deliver an enduring pride of ownership. The physical artistry is a means to solid, reliable, musicality. There is no affectation. Just a simple, pure link to your recorded treasures. It faithfully delivers musical joy, year after year.

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