With The Amp Ultimate we have now an integrated amplifier that compared to the pre-/power amp combination The Tube and The Light in the Dark offers even better control in the bass frequencies and an incredible beautiful and realistic midrange - it sounds more relaxed and more confident. We have managed to achieve our aim to design an integrated amplifier that has got all characters to be another legend.

The circuit is a most complex Circlotron-circuit similar to the OTL concept. To gain more power the output tubes of the Silver Bullet have been substituted by mosfets in the output stage. Four of the same type (only N-channel), two per channel. This requires a sophisticated technique, but the perfect technical specs and the tonal advantages justify this extreme effort. Since the Amp Ultimate has only one transistor type in the output stage the typical distortions of a transistor amp are completely eliminated. The sound is a typical triode tube sound but with much more control , dynamics and less distortion.

The Amp Ultimate is completely balanced and built in double mono technique. It has one balanced input. Yet all input signals will be transformed into balanced signals by the input stage and get as completely balanced signals to the power section which is operating also completely balanced.

Like in The Preamp The Amp Ultimate has no potentiometer in the signal path which means that you always have the same S/N ratio and distortion, although changing the sound level. Switching the inputs is done via high quality relays.

The PCB material used for the circuit boards allows perfect thermal balance and long term stability. The signal paths and ground passes are perfectly designed, as short as possible and there is absolutely no distortion (not even with high sensivity speakers) Thus you gain also the tiniest musical signal which results in a fantastic three dimensional and tangible sound with perfect tonal balance.

Like The Power Amp The Amp Ultimate has an extremely powerful power supply. It is absolutely stable from the lowest bottom to the highest extremes. It never looses control of the speaker and offers the EINSTEIN typical timing even faster and more precise.

To handle low voltages without problems a new safety circuitry has been designed.

The driver tubes are Triode NOS PCC EI 88

The casing of the Amp Ultimate is the same high qualtiy casing than The Poweramp and The Preamp. It is machined from aluminum which offers a perfect shielding. The new casing is mechanically absolutely stable and ridgid, massive and most important resonance free. It offers perfect ventilation and heat dissipation which means less stress on the electronic components, less resonance problems and a perfect thermal balance.
Due to more space within the casing it was also possible to optimize the internal constructions of our new state of the art integrated.
To match the chrome covered output transformers the stainless steel cover sheets are high gloss polished by hand to achieve the mirror like pristine effect.
All high gloss black front panel and knobs are machined from all angles, delicately polished by hand and carefully mounted.
The chrome aluminum (rear) front panel is manufactured in a very similar way to achieve the best quality surface to give an absolute perfect appearance.

Since the casing does not offer enough space for a built in phono stage that matches the quality level of The Amp Ultimate the power section offers the possibility to connect the EINSTEIN phono stage The Little Big Phono directly to the power supply of the integrated amp.

The machined massive alloy Einstein remote control (EINSTEIN The Remote) is included.  

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