"The LFD NCSE Mk3 is the very best sounding amplifier I have ever found at any price. I routinely have amps of much greater value, into the tens to thousands of dollars, traded in on the LFD NCSE. I used to carry a line of amps up to $66,000 but once the LFD arrived here, all the more expensive amps I discontinued as they no longer made any sense."

Gene Rubin

The LFD NCSE Mk2 Integrated is a logical sonic progression on from the LE Mk4 Signature and a few of our retailers who stock both can demonstrate the improvements. Only you can decide if the degree of improvement is worth the increase in price. To help facilitate this, some of my retailers offer generous and guaranteed trade-in values as you move up from the LE range to the NCSE Mk2. It’s a good idea to ask. Also some of my retailers offer very competitive trade-ins on discontinued LFD integrated amps, especially the very highly regarded LFD Mistral Integrated against my latest ones. Again – it’s a good idea to ask.

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