The soundstage this amp presents through headphones is big and lifelike, and its accuracy and clarity across the frequency spectrum are reference-level good.

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McIntosh's MHA150 headphone amplifier/DAC takes on all comers in its product category. Buttressed by a high-resolution DAC that supports up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM, DSD256, and 384kHz DXD via a USB input, MHA150 brings the signature technologies, engineering, and design of McIntosh's hallmark stereo amplifiers to a personal-listening device that has no peer. McIntosh's patented Autoformer is utilized to yield three headphone impedance ranges – 8-40, 40-150, 150-600 ohms – to ensure every type of headphone fully and completely benefits from the captivating sound produced by the U.S.A.- built MHA150. The inclusion of McIntosh's Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD) further enhances the fidelity and makes recordings image as if they were being played back by speakers. Speaking of loudspeakers: While the compact dimensions permit the Roon-Tested MHA150 to easily fit on a desk or nightstand, this 26-pound unit is so powerful and authoritative, it even has a 50-watt output for driving loudspeakers.  

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