Listed: February 23rd, 2023

Thorens TD-126 MkIII Turntable w/Signet Cartridge

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Thorens TD-126 MkIII turntable with TP-16 MkIII tonearm and Signet cartridge. Table is in excellent physical and functional condition - a prime specimen of a classic design. We have no box and packing, so sale needs to be a local pick-up. You will not find a better example of this well regarded model.


Drive System:  1 step belt-drive

Motor:  DC Motor with 72 pole tachogenerator

Speed:   33⅓, 45 and 78 rpm electronic speed selection

Motor Speed Control:  Electronic regulation with load correcting automatic pitch control

Pitch Control:  ±6% illuminated stroboscope

Turntable Platter:   3,2 kg zinc alloy dynamically balanced

Platter Diameter:  30 cm (12")

Wow & Flutter:  Less than 0,035% according to DIN 45507

Rumble Unweighted:  -52 dB according to DIN 45539

Rumble Weighted:  -72 dB according to DIN 45539

Rumble Measured with the THORENS Rumble Measuring Device:

Rumble Unweighted :  -65 dB according to DIN 45539

Rumble Weighted :  -78 dB according to DIN 45539

Tonearm TP 16 Mk III

Cartridge Wand TP 63

Tonearm Length:  230 mm (9")

Effective Mass:  7,5 g

Stylus Overhang:  14,4 mm

Offset Angle:  22⁰

Lateral Tracking Error:  Less than  0,18⁰/cm radius

Skating Compensation:  Magnetic force without friction

Stylus Pressure Appliance:  by spring

Bearing Friction:  Less than  0,15 mN (15 mp) in bith planes

Cartridge Fitting:  Standard ½" center

Capacitance of Cable:  190 pF ± 10%

Auto Stop:  Electronic velocity sensor

Mains Voltage:  117/220 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:  11 Watt


(W x D):  505 x 395 mm

Height with cover closed :  170 mm

Height with cover open :  460 mm

Depth with cover open :  395 mm

Weight:  15 kg, (33 lbs.)

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