Listed: November 2nd, 2023

Antipodes K50 - The best Streamer in the world?

Original Retail Price: $15,000.00

Your Price: $9,000.00

Available for local purchase only. No shipping charge is applied when you order.

Antipodes K50 in excellent physical and functional condition with original box, packing and accessories. Retail when purchased was $15,000.00 - new retail for the Kala version is $19,000.00.

At launch a couple of years ago, this was the best music streamer available, by far. And it is now eligible for a full-upgrade to the very latest specification, which also resets the two-year warranty (see for details).

Save money and get the best! Unit is in pristine condition and comes in original box with all original accessories.

"the K50 adds an overwhelming sense of natural flow and deep soundstaging, making other server/streamer sources sound flat and relatively technical in comparison" — HIFI ADVICE

"the Antipodes K50 really did represent the best sounding music server I’ve yet hosted" — FAIR AUDIO

Original Accessories:

  • Box, Packing, Manual, Accessories