MSB Select Headphone Amplifier

Listed: August 4th, 2021

New Retail Price: $37,500.00

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Want the best amplifier for your Stax electrostatic headphones - here it is! Please note - this can only be used with MSB DAC's! Unit is in excellent physical and functional condition with original box and packing.

The Select Headphone Amplifier

The Select Headphone Amplifier can ONLY be used with MSB DACs.

Dynamic Range>140 dB

Frequency Response: 5Hz-20Khz, ±0.8dB

XLR Input 75Ω Balanced
4Vrms Maximum Common Mode Rejection Ratio> 120dB CMRR @ 60Hz
> 90dB CMRR @ 1kHz
> 70dB CMRR @ 20kHz
Crosstalk<-90dB Crosstalk @ 1kHz
<-65dB Crosstalk @ 20kHz
XLR Output Direct connection to input when enabled or unit powered off.
When listening to headphones, output is muted with 75Ω output impedance 

Headphone Output 2x Stax style outputs Bias Voltage580Vdc, 5 MΩControlsIR Remote (Configurable)
Power Button (Configurable)
2x MSB 12V Trigger Power Consumption 80W
Less than 2W standby Topology Input/Gain Stage- Class-A
- Quad balanced
- Impedance matched
- Transformer coupled
- Fully discrete Output Stage- High Voltage Electrostatic Class-A
- Balanced

Chassis Dimensions: 

Width:17.5 in (444 mm) 

Depth:17.5 in (444 mm) 

Height:3.125 in (79 mm) 

Weight:36 lbs. (16 kg) 

Product Feet:M6X1 Thread

Shipping Dimensions: Width:25 in (635 mm) 

Depth:25 in (635 mm) 

Height:10 in (254 mm) 

Weight:61 lbs. (28 kg)

Included Accessories: 

User manual
Ground cable
IEC power cord  

Original Accessories:

Power Cord, Box, Packing