Listed: March 8th, 2023

MSB S500 Stereo Amplifier, Silver Finish

Original Retail Price: $58,500.00

Your Price: $39,900.00

MSB S500 Stereo Amplifier, Silver Finish. Amp is in like-new condition with original box, packing and accessories. Purchased less than a year ago. Extreme high-power and incredible life-like sound. Very rare item on the used market. Sells as new for $58,500.00

The world’s leading DACs needed an amplifier to match. The result was a clean slate design that could meet our DAC’s ultra high dynamic range head on. With the amplifier’s architecture optimized in critical areas, audio performance, longevity, and an ability to drive any speaker became our principal design parameters. We redefined the idea of what an amplifier can be, embedding the S500 with a fully modular design alongside a 1.0 Farad Power Core, a matched impedance input stage and an all billet CNC case. The finest amplifier we’ve ever created, the 500 series redefines excellence and sets a new bar in the industry.

The S500 features a discrete design featuring a class A matched impedance input stage. This result is a product with minimized signal reflections, input noise, and distortion while also maximizing power transfer and dynamic range in a zero negative feedback design. With custom low-noise high-current toroidal transformers and rugged high-current output buffers, the S500 provides a transparent, holographic listening experience that’s completely fatigue free. All components were meticulously chosen for their sonic performance and longevity, ensuring your amplifier is built to last.

The S500 Stereo Amplifier

Static Power Consumption270 Watts On
Standby power less than 2 watts

Operating Voltage Range120/240V (Auto switching)
100V (Fixed)Fuse1/4"x1-1/4" 15A 250V Slow BlowInput2x XLR InputOutput1x Binding post set per channel

Controls: Gain switch
Input Impedance Switch
On/Off Button
Standby button
Display Dimmer
12V Mode Switch
2x MSB 12V trigger portContinuous Power Output (8Ω) < 1% distortion500 WContinuous Power Output (4Ω) < 1% distortion900 WFrequency Response (20 to 20kHz)±0.025dB
Signal to Noise (20 to 22kHz)>136dB (>140dBA)Equivalent Input Noise (22kHz BW)0.5μVCrosstalk @ 2kHz<-110dBLow Gain (75Ω source impedance)16.2dBMedium Gain (75Ω source impedance)22.2dBHigh Gain (75Ω source impedance)28.2dBInput Impedance (User Selectable)75Ω / 300Ω / 1.2kΩOutput Impedance (20 to 20kHz)0.07Ω

Topology: Input/Gain Stage- Class-A
- Double balanced
- Impedance matched
- Fully discrete
- Independent power and transformer

Output Stage- Class-AB
- Balanced
- High bias
- Current gain only

Chassis Dimensions: Width:15 in (381 mm)Depth:23.25 in (590 mm)Height:10.5 in (267 mm) Without Feet
11 in (279 mm) With FeetWeight:135 lbs (61.25 kg)Product Feet:M6X1 Thread
3 or 4 Foot Configuration

Shipping Dimensions: Width:23 in (585 mm)Depth:35 in (889 mm)Height:21 in (534 mm)Weight:194 lbs. (88 kg)

Included Accessories: User Manual
IEC C19 Power Cord

Original Accessories:

  • Box, Packing, Manual, Accessories