Listed: May 27th, 2022

McIntosh MCD301 CD/SACD Player

Original Retail Price: $4,500.00

Your Price: $2,500.00

McIntosh MCD301 CD/SACD Player in excellent physical and functional condition with original box, packing, and accessories. Unit sold new for $4,500.00 and will not last long!

McIntosh MCD301 SACD/CD Player - Manual

McIntosh Performance Features Include:
• Front Panel Level Control
The Level Control allows varying the music volume level with headphones, matching the volume level of the MCD301 with other components in a system and can drive any Power Amplifier directly.

• Balanced Outputs
The MCD301 has both variable and fixed Balanced Outputs, permitting long cable lengths without a loss in sound quality.

The Variable Output Connections provide up to 6 Volts. This is more than enough signal to drive any Power Amplifier directly; forming a high quality SACD/CD Disc Playback System.

• Multi-Bit Digital to Analog Converter
The 24-bit, 192kHz Digital to Analog Converter has a wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion.

• Twin Laser Pickup
The MCD301 incorporates two laser elements, with different wavelengths, that are focused through one lens assembly. This unique design allows reading both the CD and Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) Discs Formats.

• Advanced Transport
The MCD301 has a new transport with a Die Cast Mechanism Base and Disc Tray. It has the latest in advanced digital servo for faster, quieter and accurate operation. The Disc Audio Data is read at twice the normal rate insuring better disc tracking and error correction processing.

• Special Power Supply
The Linear Power Supply has both a special R-Core Power Transformer and Multiple Regulators to ensure stable noise free operation even though the power line varies.

Audio Specifications
Fixed Output level
2.0Vrms Unbalanced
4.0Vrms Balanced

Variable Output level
0 - 6.0Vrms Unbalanced
0 - 12.0Vrms Balanced

Output Impedance
600 ohms Unbalanced and Balanced

Frequency Response
4Hz to 40,000Hz, +0.5, -3dB (SACD)
4Hz to 20,000Hz, ±0.5dB (CD)

Signal to Noise Ratio
Better than 110dB (A-weighted)

Dynamic Range
Better than 100dB

Harmonic Distortion
0.002% @ 1000Hz (SACD)
0.003% @ 1000Hz (CD)

Channel Separation
Better than 98dB (1,000Hz)

General Specifications
Digital Output
Optical: - 15dbm to -21dbm (PCM)
Coaxial: 0.5V p-p/75 ohm (PCM)
Sampling Frequencies: 44.1kHz (PCM)

Laser Type: Twin Beam
Laser Beam Wavelength: 650nm (SACD)/790nm (CD)
Laser Power: CLASS IIa/CLASS I

Overall Dimensions
Width is 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm)
Height is 6 inches (15.24cm)
Depth is 16-1/2 inches (41.91cm)
Note: When the Disc Tray is opened, the panel clearance required in front of mounting panel is 6-3/4 inches (17.2cm).

28.2 pounds (12.8Kg) net
44.6 pounds (20.2Kg) in shipping carton

Shipping Carton Dimensions
Width is 26-1/2 inches (67.3cm)
Depth is 24-1/4 inches (62.2cm)
Height is 11-3/4 inches (29.9cm)

Original Accessories:

  • Box, Packing, Manual, Remote, Power Cord