Listed: August 22nd, 2023

McIntosh MC-301 Mono-Block Amplifiers (Pair)

Original Retail Price: $11,000.00

Your Price: $5,995.00

1-pair of McIntosh MC-301 mono-block amplifiers in like-new condition with original boxes, packing and accessories. The pair sold as new for $11,000.00/pair and the model was discontinued in 2021. Massive power, autoformer output and quad-balanced design make this amplifiers performance top notch!

Number of Channels1Power Output per Channel (8 ohms)300Power Output per Channel (6 ohms)---Power Output per Channel (4 ohms)300Frequency Bandwidth20-20kTHD0.005%Minimum Impedance2Bridged Power per Channel---Speaker Outputs1THX CertificationNoWidth (inches)17-1/2Height (inches)6Depth (inches)21Weight67 poundsParts Warranty3 YearsLabor Warranty3 YearsInputs & OutputsNumber of Inputs2Input TypeXLR, RCARemovable Power CordIEC 3-prong (C-19)Level ControlsNoSpeaker ConnectorsPosts



300W Mono Block Amplifier: The McIntosh MC301 monoblock amplifier delivers 300 watts of power into a single channel at 2, 4, or 8Ω with less than 0.005% distortion for all frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Mono block amplification is the ultimate in system configuration as each speaker has its own dedicated amp, which guarantees maximum channel separation and audio fidelity.
Exclusive McIntosh Power Assurance System: The McIntosh MC301 employs a collection of technologies that enhance performance and reliability while protecting the amplifier and loudspeakers.

  • Quad Balanced Circuitry: McIntosh's proprietary Quad Balanced circuit design yields the highest power level with the least amount of distortion. The MC301 is fully balanced from input to output. It consists of two matched power amplifiers operating in push-pull with their outputs combined in a McIntosh Autoformer. The Quad Balanced configuration cancels virtually all distortion.

  • Output Autoformers: McIntosh output Autoformers ensure every connected speaker receives full power regardless of its impedance. This unique patented McIntosh technology delivers the full-rated amplifier output with the least possible distortion into loudspeaker impedances of 2, 4, or 8Ω; you get all the power you paid for and the freedom to choose any loudspeaker. The Autoformers also provide perfect DC protection for your valuable loudspeakers.

  • Power Guard + Power Meters: Power Guard is waveform comparison circuit continuously monitors both input and output signals. Power Guard dynamically adjusts the input level to avoid clipping while preventing harsh sounding distortion. The amp's front-panel LED indicator will flash when Power Guard is activated. The Illuminated power output watt meter on the MC301 is peak responding, and indicates the power output of the amplifier.

  • Sentry Monitor: McIntosh Sentry Monitor power output stage protection circuits ensure the MC301 will have a long and trouble-free operating life. Sentry Monitor is a fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit that disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating level; resets automatically.

  • ThermalTrak & Thermal Protection: The power amplifier uses ThermalTrak output transistors for lower distortion and cool operation. Built-in thermal protection circuits guard against overheating.

Classic McIntosh Design & Specially Designed Power Supply: The MC301 mono block amplifier incorporates classic McIntosh design cues, including a black glass front-panel, rotary knobs, brushed aluminum end-caps, illuminated logo, and a power output watt meter. An oversized power transformer and extra-large capacitors ensure stable noise free operation.
Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Inputs/Outputs: The McIntosh MC301 mono block amplifier is equipped with one balanced XLR input and one unbalanced RCA input. There is also a balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA output to daisy-chain a second mono block amplifier. There is a switch on the back of the amp that allows you to select between the balanced & unbalanced connections. Balanced connections guard against induced noise and allow long cable runs without compromising sound quality.
Gold-Plated, Binding Post Terminals: McIntosh Patented gold-plated, binding-post speaker terminals deliver high current output to a single loudspeaker. They accept large diameter wire (up to 10AWG), banana plugs (single only), and spade lugs. The MC301 features 2, 4, and 8Ω binding post terminals. There are three Positive (+) terminals and one shared ("common") Negative (-) terminal.

Note: You can connect one loudspeaker to each Positive (+) binding-post terminal along with the shared ground terminal, for a total of three speakers. Make sure the speakers ohm rating matches up with the terminals ohm rating. If you have a 6Ω speaker, use the 4Ω output terminal.

Power Control In/Out: The MC301's Power Control Input (3.5mm) receives an On/Off signal from +5 to +12 volts when connected to a McIntosh component. The mono amplifier's Power Control Output (3.5mm) will in turn provide a +12 volt Output Signal with a total current up to 50mA to turn On/Off a connected McIntosh component.
AC Power Cord + Auto Power Off: The McIntosh MC301 mono power amp has a detachable AC power cord with 3-pole IEC connector. The MC301 incorporates an Auto Off feature, which automatically places the amplifier into the Power Saving Standby/Off Mode after approximately 30 minutes of no audio signal.
Mounting Options: The McIntosh MC301 can be placed upright on a table or shelf, standing on its four feet. It also can be custom installed in a piece of furniture or cabinet of your choice. The four feet may be removed from the bottom of the MC301 when it is custom installed. Always provide adequate ventilation for your MC301. Allow at least 2" above the top, 2" below the bottom, and 2" on each side of the amplifier, so that airflow is not obstructed.

Original Accessories:

  • Box, Packing, Manual, Accessories