Esoteric SA-60 CD/SACD Player

Listed: May 27th, 2021

New Retail Price: $4,600.00

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Esoteric SA-60 CD/SACD Player in near perfect physical and functional condition with original box, packing and accessories. Sold as new for $4,600.00
Description: Multichannel, audio-only SACD/CD/DVD-Audio/DVD-Video player with choice of 8x oversampling FIR and up-sampling RDOT low-pass digital filters, PCM-to-DSD (1-bit, 64x) up-sampling. Digital audio outputs: coaxial, optical/Toslink. Analog audio output: dedicated 2-channel outputs (balanced, XLR, and unbalanced, RCA), plus multichannel RCA outputs. Maximum output level at 1kHz: 2.2V RMS, unbalanced and unbalanced. Output impedance: not specified. Frequency range: 5Hz–88kHz (DVD-A). Signal/noise ratio: 130dB. Dynamic range: 107dB. THD: 0.002%.
Dimensions: 17.4" (445mm) W by 5.9" (150mm) H by 13.9" (355mm) D. Weight: 37 lbs.
Price: $4600.  

Original Accessories:

Box, Packing, Manual, Remote