July 13th, 2023

Rega P3 50th Anniversary is here!

Rega P3 50th Anniversary is here!

Celebrating 50 Years of Rega Research Ltd. From humble beginnings in 1973, making just a handful of turntables for friends, Rega has since grown into a multimillion-pound audio engineering company making world-class, award-winning hi-fi products that are supplied across the globe.

We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary with a very special edition of the legendary Rega Planar 3. A turntable package designed and developed to maximize the performance from this model. As part of the celebration, we have put this anniversary package together at an incredible price that won't be repeatable, contact your dealer for details.

Presented in the hugely popular new walnut effect finish, the 50th anniversary Planar 3 is supplied with a hand tuned Neo PSU MK2 and the handmade Rega Exact moving magnet cartridge factory fitted. The drive system uses our  Reference EBLT drive belt and  our 24V motor fitted with a custom CNC’d aluminium drive pulley to deliver the absolute best in performance and accuracy. The Anniversary Edition is badged with exclusive aluminium plinth and lid badges for the finishing touch.

MSRP - $1,695.00


  • Walnut Effect plinth with custom aluminium badge

  • RB330 Precision tonearm

  • Exact MM cartridge factory fitted

  • Neo turntable PSU MK2 included

  • 24 V low noise, low vibration motor, hand tuned to the custom Neo PSU Mk2.

  • Double brace technology

  • 12 mm float glass opti-white polished platter

  • CNC machined Planar 6 drive pulley for use with the Neo PSU.

  • Supplied with a smoked dust cover as standard.

  • Reference EBLT drive belt fitted as standard

  • Anniversary Special Edition only available to buy during 2023

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects