From the manufacturer:

Resonant Woods has been designing and building products for the audio industry since 1998. All products are designed in house from the ground up by Brooks Tanner who is both a mechanical and electrical engineer. Brooks was brought up in an audiophile home and has been designing and building his own speakers and amplifiers since childhood. In 1998 he started BJ Tanner Custom Cabinet, which transitioned into Resonant Woods, concentrating on audio related products. Resonant Woods products are designed with acoustics at the forefront, but also are designed to be furniture and live in visual concert with your environment.

Resonant Woods premier stands are the Linear II series and the Curved series. Both stands are shipped fully assembled. The Linear II stand has a traditional look, and is designed to be exceptionally rigid through mortise and tennon joinery. Curved series stands are designed with a graceful aesthetic while providing a rigid platform for the speaker. The curved profile also disperses acoustic energy providing minimal acoustic reflection. This allows the speaker to provide its intended sound without sonic coloration from the stand. The curved series requires many precise cuts with a tolerance of less than five thousands of an inch and complicated woodworking procedures, which is reflected in its higher cost. Stands are solid wood throughout. Standard wood species are cherry, ash (dyed black), and maple. Cherry may also be ordered with a rosewood stain finish. Other species may be custom ordered.

Resonant Woods can also provide customization to any of our products, usually at minimal cost. Custom design services are also available to fulfill any needs you may have from, matching furniture to custom machined pneumatic suspension equipment platforms. We can make your dreams reality.

Please visit us at to see our full range of acoustic products, which may be provided to you through Fidelis.