Exposure Electronics

with music in mind


From the manufacturer:

Fidelis is proud to have added Exposure Electronics to its portfolio of fine audio components. Exposure Electronics products are simple, clean and elegant. Built to last, they offer friendly features and clear controls.

Exposure caters to true music lovers who appreciate the complex relationship between people, HiFi, and music.  Products include Amplifiers: both Integrated and mono block, Preamplifiers, CD Players, DACs, and Phono Preamps. This includes the XM series the 2010S2 series, the 3010S2 series and the 5010 series.

Exposure Electronics manufactures their complete line of high value, no nonsense audio gear in the United Kingdom, and Fidelis is the US distributor and show room dealer.

Fidelis Music Systems provides guidance in room acoustics and integration services to tie Amplification and electronics together to achieve audio excellence. Visit our sound studios in Nashua and hear the difference!