Einstein Audio

Handcrafted German Excellence Since 1988


From the manufacturer:

EINSTEIN audio components… 1988 to today, the love for music, or how incredible technology and art meet to form a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Volker Bohlmeier and Rolf Weiler who met in Bochum (Germany) sometime in the late 1980’s, are drawn together by an idea and lifetime realization: providing music playback in the most authentic and highest possible level of fidelity, suspending the distance between the listener and music. Thus, both experts created an incredibly sophisticated audio component playback system which today is loved and cherished by music lovers the world over. In 1988 then, a new label is thus born under the name EINSTEIN, with the simple goal of providing the most technologically advanced audio components. With each new review and reference listing amongst the world’s best audio components, we cherish that drive to perfection again and again.